The UK Governments Role With School Meals And Its Sugar Content

Generally the food which is provided to people must be of standard which may make them edible. When food is given to kids, it has to be made sure that the food is of a certain quality and standard so that it does not affect their health and at the same time gives them the necessary nutrients included in a healthy diet. 

This is the main aim of the UK Government, they make sure that all the schools have a certain standard of food which are provided to the kids so that they are provided with a healthy and a balanced diet.

Having a healthy diet is one of the most important thing in any person’s life, especially children’s. Only if they eat healthy and stay fit, they can lead a long and happy life. 

The food standards for schools apply to all maintained schools and every academy that was founded after 2014 and before 2010. The food that they provide must contain high quality meat or fish, fruits and vegetables and bread, potatoes and other types of cereals too. 

All this must be a part of the meal that the school provides the children with. The schools are also not allowed to give the children more than 2-3 portions of deep-fried or battered food for a week and also drinks, chocolates and sweets with added sugar content and software is often utilized to make sure that all of these conditions are meant. The stock management and facilities management plays a big role in making sure that all the government guidelines are actually kept to.

They feel that the children should not have a lot of sugar in their food. As excess of sugar might be dangerous to health and may cause a lot of diseases. Thus, the government plays a regulatory role in the provision of sugar in the food which is given to children. 

They believe that it is the duty of every school to provide a balanced and nutritious diet with not a lot of sugar to the children of UK.


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